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Video Shows How To Set Up Your TBC Accounts

Here are complete training videos from the help of David Jones

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2) Migrating your old wallet to the new wallet

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Partner With Us and We’ll Give You 50% Commissions Plus Bonuses.
Our Partnering Program is Easy, Fun, and Very Lucrative!​
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You will want to tell others about TBC because it is so amazing to see your money grow so quickly! You will also be excited to share all the ways you can purchase goods and services with TBC!

So the natural result is that people will want to do the same and invest in TBC as well!

That’s good news for our Global Billion Coin community because it makes the price go up for all of us.
You can earn HALF of every investment a person makes by partnering with a coin holder!

Ultimately you will grow your TBC coin to the place where you will be able to sell off yourself, but until that time partnering with others who have coin to sell is the best way to make some very good money with TBC!

So when you talk to someone, and they are interested in getting their wallet set up, follow these steps:

1) Help them get registered and get their wallet set up
2) Bring them to me to purchase their coin

3) I will pay you 50% of whatever they invest!! You can choose to receive that in Cash, Coin, or BOTH to grow your wallet!

Or as a registered member to this site, we will sign up people under you, use our coins, and give you 50% of the profit!

Let’s Partner together and grow both our coin AND our cash!

Watch Your TBC Coin Grow, Grow, GROW!

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