Money & Power

Money & Power Club System was created to help Bitcoin holders to cash in every weekend using their Bitcoin.

It is a weekly program designed to get Bitcoin holders paid every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for each weekend and beyond.

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• $110 Bitcoin Registration Fee

• 5 Other TBC Holders By Friday

• A Desire To Succeed



FRIDAY $100 Per Sale

SATURDAY $250 Per Sale

SUNDAY $1,000 Per Sale

WEEK #2 Rinse and Repeat

FRIDAY $100 Per Sale

SATURDAY $250 Per Sale

SUNDAY $1,000 Per Sale

Money & Power Club System is about to take over the Bitcoin Community.

We launch Friday 7/27/18

Use this time to grab 5 others during the week that would like to sell their Bitcoin for substansial rewards, and you are set.  Or we can put people under you from the overflow of leads we get.

If you would like to come in on our Launch Date, which is Friday, 7/27/18, Please register using the button below, and contact me using our contact page so we can chat!!