We are experienced Bitcoin Investors that would like to teach you how to make money in this
new platform of crypto currencies.  Please watch the video and read below.


We have put together a program that allows you to claim a substantial
amount of free coins.  We then show you how to get in line to receive
another free give away of coins.  Then we help you to sell your coins,
or you can use our coins to make money that you can put in your pocket, or use to invest in
purchasing and trading other crypto currencies.

Here is a step by step breakdown of the plan.

Step 1 is to get familiar with the vehicle that we are going to get you started with.
It is called The Billion Coin or referred to as TBC.

The Billion Coin (TBC), and what it is

Step 2 is to register and claim your free coins.

Claim your 100,000 TBC kringle coins

Step 3 is to confirm your two emails sent to you from step 2 to set up your Kringle Back office,
and to set up your TBC wallet.

Step 4 is to pay your lifetime fee for using the kringle platform.
One time fee of $10 covers both the back office and wallet.
Select Account from the left hand side menu
Kringle Cash Back Office

Step 5 is to input your account here on our website and include your TBC wallet ID,
and your kringle cash back office referral link.

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Step 6 is to sell your coins or we can sell our coins and split the profits 50 / 50. 
That way you can keep all your coins, and watch them grow.
Read More about our partnership

Step 7 Leverage your ability to make $5,500 each weekend with $110 worth of Bitcoin for cash.
This really could make you a fortune.
Your team will even help you cash in using a the spillover from other members (free money).

Set up Your Money & Power Account Profits

Step 8 is to complete our crypto currency course to teach you how to profit making money
as a crypto currency trader and investor.
Make Money As A Trader

Step 9 is to take your profits and get your Bitcoin Trading Robot running.
Set up Automatic Profits

We have several platforms that we would like to introduce to you, and would like to
present them here for you to review.

Read about how you can make $100 for each person
that buys TBC Coins from you.

Take advantage of learning how to trade
crypto currencies for daily profits

Partake in a Bitcoin Crypto Currency trading robot
that does trades automatically for you.

We are TBC Millionaires, and if you read about TBC Above, you will see that this
is a coin that increases in value each and every day.  That is why it can’t be traded
on a trading exchange, and is transfered peer to peer or from person to person.

Once you purchase your TBC coins we will show you how to convert them into either
cash or other crypto currencies.  We have a course that shows you how to
make crypto money using a trading robot as well as doing online trades.
You can Access that course Here.

We also show you how to take the money you make from your TBC Coins,
and use it for making money in Bitcoin and other Alt Coin Crypto Currencies.

We show you how to set your profits to automatic trading, and we show you
how to make money with a small investment that we also show you how to
make back so that your initial investment start costs you nothing.